y/y » by k.a. » edition of 1

don’t delete caption

y/y » by k.a. » edition of 1

don’t delete caption

what they won’t tell you

edition of 1, mulberry paper, pressed flowers, monoprint 


K.A. | they/them | DON’T DELETE CAPTION

figuring out wings in my sketchbook | k.a. | do not delete caption

recent sketchbook werk in untitled sketchbook & gay baby jrnl

by k.a. | do not delete the caption

working on an in-progress commission right now | commission me: x

var. details subject to change, watch this space, etc

4 monoprints of lou reed, plus the inked plate • rhymes with they

don’t delete caption  - k.a.

I’m turning into That Artist Who Draws Themselves Too Much


edition of 1. made of flower seed paper, mulberry paper, monoprint, pressed flowers, seashells, waxed thread, beads


diamondkhaleesi asked:

Wow you're stuff is incredible! I'm an Australian art student finishing high school and I'm seriously inspired!



remember astropunx? here’s an image of my process

drew/painted a sort of warrior version of morgaine from the mists of avalon

vanessa rodriguez [harmony santana] from gun hill road

this sketchbook is full of films

guess what film I watched


out and about in the city

  1. cheers to the moon [‘along this humble river’ mural, n charles st]
  2. harassing women does not prove your masculinity [n charles st]

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